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We are an online interactive Gift Shop, with A Photo and A Video Gallery. We are an evolving company, finding ways to keep our site interactive, as well as serve and keep you our customers entertained.
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Travel with us as we travel to places you've always wanted to see.
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As we travel, you'll see the breath taking photos of beautiful places. What's Even Better, if you like the photos we take, we'll place them in our shop for sale, you'll enjoy for many years to come.


Our creative videos, made to entertain and inform all around.
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With our creative Videos, you'll get comedy, travel, hauntings, and so much more. Our motto for videos are the sky is the limit. You'll never stop being amazed, of our creativity and imagination. We hope you'll be enjoy our work!

JAMR: The Red Ribbon Station

Our online radio station, full of variety from Music to Podcast.
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Today's newest style of online radio, where you get a true sense of vaiety, from talk, music, podcast, and so much more.

Our Online Gift Shop

Our online gift shop has every you need from gifts to the must have's.
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Today's newest style of gifts, clothes, bath and body, plus so much. You can earn points for shopping, and use to get a discount on your next order. How sweet is that?

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