Our Ever Involving Site.

Posted by Joshua McIntyre on May 6th 2021

Our Ever Involving Site.

McIntyre & Co. Gifts and More is constantly evolving, making a revolutionary unique experience for everyone. Two new experiences we are proud and excited to announce:

Creative Photography Gallery:

One of our passions has been photography, and now you'll be able to see what we see through our eyes. With beautiful photos of nature, historic places, distress and decoy buildings, and people as they are. With photos in color, black and white, and sepia, you'll be blown away by what you see, and go to places you've known existed.

Creative Videography Gallery:

Another passions we have is Videography, showcasing the world places where they've might not have been; As well as documenting past and current events, places, people, and creative films. Best part is that there is no big industry companies controlling the film making process, you'll get the pure creative aspect, of the Independent Films; From the directors, down to the actors and interviewers.

You'll be able to see both of the galleries in the our Main Site, and keep watching see what else we are up too. Don't forget, we still have an online gift shop you can always visit 24/7.