Floral Desk Calendar

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Help your customers mark the day in custom style with this personalized desk calendar. Available in one size (10" x 5"), each calendar comes with high quality, 250gsm paper and a spiral bound at the top. Add your designs and bring a daily staple to life.

.: One size: 10" x 5" (25cm x 12.5cm)
.: NB! The calendars come without default date grids
.: Paper thickness: 270 gsm
.: Spiral bound at the top

Images by [Kanchana P, mamita, Konstanttin, Maya Kruchankova, Marina AFONSHINA, Golubovy, Kanchana P, Kindlena, Andrew Angelov, luck luckyfarm, Kolpakova Svetlana, Pixel-Shot, Xenia Artwork, Elena Medvedeva / Shutterstock]